Missing You

I’m missing you

my aim is anything but true

my arms grasping at air 

hoping to pull you close for the scent of your hair

the air is thin because it lacks your embrace

like the air on a mountaintop I brace

against the cold of your absence

my bed at night hasn’t been as warm since

you let me hold you while we shared dreams so strange

my arms never missing at point blank range

At this distance I can only remember how it felt to be next to you

because distances can only be bridged so slightly when I text to you

only slightly more when I ring up your phone

maybe even more by a skype dial tone

but nothing beats the ring of a knock on your door

where I find my heart where I left it sunk on the floor

when last i left you it sat gathering dust

but back in my chest it pumps, near to bust

because when all five of my senses speak so clearly

I laugh and realize my aim wasn’t at me

i’d kept you alive in my heart from the first moment you came

so the distance should never have affected my aim.


There may be plenty of fish in the sea.

but Quantity isn’t that important to me

I see a woman who embodies ambition

woman being only a descriptive piece of diction

she is the most impressive individual I’ve ever met

I’d defy you to find one better casting an even wider net

Beauty and brains don’t have to be apart

not to mention the depths of love she’s capable of in her heart

she asks only for a partner in life

to share in the joy and in the strife

if I’ve ever wanted to be “better than”

it’s the day I quit being a fisherman.

I don’t know what to say

Someone told me this would inspire good poetry
Words here are not the remedy
I have no words for this time in my life
I don’t have hopes of a future wife
I don’t have belief in goodness
Or at least I trust people even less
There are lies and there are Lies and there are “lies”
Clearly there is no more room for goodbyes
You intimately acquainted me with all three
And now all I have left around is me
I still don’t understand why this is
But one day I hope I can forget all this business.

Lies are made from the same stuff as dreams

but not all dreams come true.


Hope and love have four letters

written to the heart as debtors

"you owe us belief, we gave you relief"

The answer sent back was all too brief

"No," the heart replied swiftly back

"brain is responsible for what you lack"

They eagerly forwarded brain the bill

and he chuckled and retrieved his quill

"You thought that you could swindle me,

but like air and the ocean, you both are free”

They read the answer with heads downcast

and picked up their bobbles and left at last

they knew they had no claim, besides

It’s with heart and mind that they reside.


Things in this world require balance
You have heard this particular parlance
But understand something once more
My heart knows not what lies in store
But if I were to look for a sense of direction
in this moment of intense introspection
I would find in that moment of clarity
Leaving no room for any disparity
That in a moment of fate’s depravity
you became my heart’s center of gravity
I don’t despair my station in life
Because if chance met fate I’d make you my wife

I Can Imagine

I can imagine lands long gone

That my ancestors once walked on

Animals in colors unnatural and strange

Men that shoot arrows at a phenomenal range

I can imagine a cold dark place

That’s only made warm by the thought of your face